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12 Week Weight Loss Challenge


I’m terrible with Tumblr challenges, so I’m going to challenge myself to do this 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge! I have to answer one question a day for 12 weeks, posting a progress photo every 4 weeks (i.e. once a month). I’m dedicated to my weight loss, so I’m doing to stay dedicated to this challenge as well! Here we go…

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Healthy eating/weight loss tips


  • It has been said a million times before, by pretty much every one BUT the best thing you can do for your body is drinking enough water! I’m currently drinking 1.5L+ a day and upping this to 2L every couple of days.
    -Dont just sit there and drink the whole 2L at once, space it out through the…
25 Day Christmas Get Fit and Lose Weight Countdown Challenge!


Here it is…Reblog to share and get others on board! Let’s do this guys.

Day 1 - Stats: Height, Current Weight, *Christmas* Goal Weight or Fitness Goal
Day 2 - How do you approach losing weight or getting fit? Are you pro-anything?
Day 3 - Don’t say anything bad about anyone today….